Just dropped off the tax info to the accountant. First time I have been on time in three years. I hate taxes. Actually this is the first time I have filed since 2005. Feds and State owe me a bunch! Besides being overwhelmed with paperwork on a regular basis, taxes seem to be one thing I really hate doing.

If it were just a simple 1040 form it wouldn't be so bad. But since I travel as an employee, have business which I travel, and both require a home gets complicated. Of course anything with the government is complicated.

Now if I could just trust the government to spend my tax dollar with a little more regard for the fact I worked my ass off for it I'd be a happy camper.

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2005? My God, I'm surprised the IRS hasn't hunted you down and put you in jail. Oh wait, they owed YOU money. Nevermind ;)
When I work it's often 12-14 hour days. Not much energy after I'm lazy. I keep a driving log that I need to put in a spreadsheet to separate personal miles, business miles and, un-reimbursed employee miles. Plus online reciepts etc. By the end of the year the pile is high.
A wife helps you keep on top of that stuff. At least mine does ;)
I get help also as far as categorizing and saving things which is the first and most important part of making it happen.
Accordion files FTW! The tricky part is the transfer from your pockets/wallet/desk/God-knows-where-else to said files :)