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Teabagging is ungodly. I will pray for your soul.
I must say I am honored to have you comment on my blog. It certainly made my day. I was a musician for 25 years but had to give it up because of problems with my hands and lungs.
We have other things in common besides being musicians and vocalists.
I would be willing to bet your father had to attend "Tea Parties" with his beautiful daughter just as I and many other fathers throughout time have done.
In addition, our forefathers, dressed as Indians, dumped tea into the Boston Harbor in revolt to an excessive tax placed on tea by Britain, in early colonial days. That became known as the "Boston Tea Party".
On April 15th, over 700 Tea Parties were held nationwide in a reinactment of that famous day in the Boston Harbour. The major media didn't cover or portray this very well.
At the event I attended here, we had people of ALL ages, races, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and political persuations in attendance. Many carried signs, American flags and chanted USA, USA,USA, USA. To the best of my knowledge there were no reports of violence or mishaps at any of the 700+ events.
Contrary to what some believe, the purpose of these events are to express our concerns about the future WE see for our country in light of unprecidented amounts of spending and taxation our Congress is engaging in. This being despite what we are being told by Congress. The media has portrayed these events as Anti-OBama which is far from the truth as you can get.
The fact is, that from a practical standpoint, buying and paying for things with money you don't yet have, doesn't work in the home, sometimes doesn't work in businesses big or small and certainly is not sustainable at the scale the government spends with money that our great grandchildren will be expexected to pay for,
No individual, business or government is insulated from bankruptcy. The current "moral" bankruptcy of our current government leaders, with few exceptions, is leading us all down a path of financial bankrupcy. Many of us fear we will never live to see this resolved.
As an entertainer, because of the 1st Amendment of our gloriously written Constitution, people are legally allowed to gather peacefully, and hear you sing, dance or perform. That same right, in addition to capitalism, allows you to market your talents freely.
At your age, your career, may start winding down. Your income likely will be reduced and it will become more and more aparrent how much the government takes what you have worked so hard to achieve.
If you are lucky, there will be something left for your children, of which under current law, the govenment gets to take and squander 50% of. This should disturb you immensly.
In celebration of our rights given to us under the same 1st ammendment, we peacefully gathered to have our voices heard to express our concerns over the economy and the direction of the government. And as such, rightfully named the event a "Tea Party".
These events have resulted in a 100 million dollar reduction of proposed spending so far. As this movement grows, I suspect you will see more parties, more public involvement, and an even louder message being sent to our government.
Please join us at one of the next events...be sure to invite your dad.