Where in the heck is Techzilla?

Still here working in the shadows on a secret project. Only secret since I haven't mentioned it actually.

I've been developing a special BartPE disk that includes the Crossloop remote access software I use, Other implementations I found only worked for booting from the CD and then connecting to someone elses PC...not the other way around. I needed it for clients so I could connect to thier ailing PC when they can't actually get into Windows.

I've got that worked out now and works like a charm.

I'm ultimately planning on selling a complete BartPE builder kit to other Crossloop helpers, so I've been working on other details regarding that.

The cd currently boots and the desktop is locked down with no access to the programs on the CD, any of the hard drives, optical drives except the A: drive and a usb memory stick. Internet Explorer works for them so they can surf and contact thier technician, check email via webmail.

The purpose of the lockdown of the CD is to prevent users from hopefully trying to fixit themselves, make things worse, and put the technician out of a potential job. Of course when the technician connects via Crossloop, all the security restrictions will automatically revert to administrator mode and the tech will have full access to all the included applications, drives etc.

The details for that have already been tested but not implemented yet. I still need to write the routines to be able to toggle the security modes. That way a technician can get a process started and toggle off his security access and disconnect. I have no programming skills beyond writing batch files, but once those are written and tested, I can compile them into an EXE file so nobody can see exactly how the magic works.

When it's completed, it will be running on a demo system here in the house so other technicians and clients can get a look at the finished product. I found a deal on a Dell system that was hardly used the other day...perfect for this.

On the job front, I still have not been formally hired yet. The re-organization of the two companies formally started today. I have no clue who my boss will be, or my territory. But I have been approved to be hired.

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What would prevent someone from decompiling the EXE to see what gets done? In general, what prevents the end user from toggling admin mode themselves, if they could figure out the magic command to do it? What would prevent a piece of drive-by malware from coming in and doing the same thing?Yes, these are the kinds of things I think about, especially now that I work for the leader in securing the Internet :)
excellent points. For the average user, beyond capability...for anyone determined...no lock will stop them entirely. One of my exe's though will be encrypted with a password...the one that toggles admin access.
this is all of course if I can get it to toggle properly as I'm planning. The problem is that if you log off or reboot the settings are changed. so the security changes live.