Your Vote Should Count!

I doubt seriously that anyone who votes in the US would stand for rigged elections or an election that appears to have been rigged. Regardless of how we may think President Obama has handled this, US voters could be suspected to support the right of the Iranian people and any other people around the world to expect a legal counting of voting results.

Recent history has shown that several election counts within our country can take months to complete. Even with the problems we have that suggest that voter reform needs to take place, nothing is as bad as what the Iranian voters suspect.

From some of the news clips I have seen, several voters "folded" their vote and dropped them in sealed containers. This to me suggests that no "electronic" form of vote counting is in use. My question is exactly how many votes can be counted in a 24 hour period.

And this is obviously in question by the 40 million Iranian voters who obviously have the opinion that the "duck" is smelling a little ransid.