Ubuntu Update

I finally looked at my server the other day to see if I could get a new printer working on it. I picked up a Brother MFC-5460CN on sale and Brother said it was compatible.

Ubuntu was telling me there was an Ugrade available and also 59 updates. Each and every update failed as in the file no longer existed. So I ran the Upgrade and all went well. I also installed the drivers and setup the printer on USB. After a little cattle-prodding with the chief cook and bottle washer, we even got it working on her machine.

I also hooked it up to the network for my Windows Machines. Not sure how the server felt about being shutdown but has been running reliably for what seems a couple of years.

It'a about time that it can Print!

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Sounded like the "updates" were older ones that probably were superseded by newer ones. A "refresh" in Update Manager should cure that.Nice to hear that your server can share a printer, though I went with the slightly more expensive network printer that was Postscript compatible. Pretty much everything works with that. :)
The refresh didn't work unfortunately. I really bought the Brother, for the fax and scanning. Being supported in Ubuntu was the kicker. My old fax machine was starting to grab multiple pages and I gain some real estate by not having to connect my scanners to my desktop system.
While all of that was less of a problem for me...I have another person in the house to consider. What we had been doing to print from Ubuntu was to print to a PDF file and have an application 'watch" the folder for new documents that was running on my Windows box. The program though was problematic and unreliable.
So I killed a few birds with some green rocks.
I remember when I bought my scanner ages ago that I specifically looked for Linux capability. This was back when I was attempting to run a Linux desktop. The fact it worked "as is" with my Mac later turned into an unexpected bonus :)The wife has her own multifunction unit in her office. She is the only one who uses it. I have my own color laser printer up in my office that I use (which she can use, too, thanks to the network capability).
I love networking ...but I make everyone come to the equipment I have on it...I want it all at arms reach. Guess you would either call that tough love or selfish...both fit! LOL