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The whole oil thing is got me confused. Let me know if you get this comment. I am not getting any of mine in the mail.
i have heard of this having had worked for everready, the only answer i could get was that deals have been made and it shoudn't be a problem.but i'm sure they said the same thing about middle east oil..
The whole oil thing confuses all of us. It is much more complex than most people can absorb...including me. BTW I got notified in email you responded.
I think the point is the experts drive us down roads without knowing all the facts. If we have to import Lithium because we do not have any...we are not very "independent". We can buy use it and then recycle it to use it again...but how good is the recycled Lithium? Then there's the fact that it takes energy to charge the batteries.
let's go 1 step farther.
According to the article, lithium is also basically in short supply. Unless we buy it up slowly and hoard it...the price for it would drive it through the roof. When supplies are low and demand is low the price is much lower than supplies being low and demand being high.
Based on that, electric vehicles that rely on lithiom-ion likely are not the ultimate long-term solution.
if i heard right and this was awhile ago they have tis one covered.but even with lithium technology its only a stop gap effort.there are plenty of things on the drawing board that need ten times the energy we now have,we are in sore need of a new energy source that can replace fossil fuels and even nuclear reactors
I saw something recently about a new nuclear design that was modular. A reactor could be hauled to a site and setup with a 40 foot diesel. Also I think I heard about some new battery designs.
The reality is that we are too heavily invested in nuclear and fossil fuels. Not taking advantage of what we do have plenty of needs to be the stop gap. Neither us nor our grandchildren may not live long enough to realize a more affordable energy solution.
There's definately a buck to be made in it...several bucks! That will drive innovation and investment.