Jury Duty!

Guess who gets to do their civic duty? Totally messes me up! Funny every time I go, I never get selected though. It will give me time to actually read my pocket version of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence maybe if I'm there long enough. I'm supposed to show up tommorow at 12:45. Kind of messes up the day.

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all right.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've never been called.there has to be a way to hack in and stick a ''pick me'' sign on my name..
California uses voter registrations to create the call list. They also allow volunteers. It may be the same for your state. They maybe have you on the "National Do Not Call List" though. LOL
as far as i know fla does it the same way,i'm not sure about volunteers..what..!!! they would love me on a jury,i worked at a court house in broward country for awhile alot of the younger judges would come by and ask how i feel about this case or that case. i have the voice and the ear of the common man..
They also use Driver's Licenses/ID cards, so even if you don't vote, you're still screwed. Might as well go to the polls/mailbox and let 'em have it, I guess.
I almost got a huge delay seeing my dental hygenist because she got called in - I'm due pretty soon too. Employers really hate it - they should be more understanding. I heard stories of someone's newborn baby and even someone's cat being summoned!
If you read your constitution, you know that being on a jury, when called to do so, is one of your responsibilities as a citizen of this nation. It might be annoying or even inconvenient, but it is the price we pay to be part of a representative Republic.The one time I got called to Jury Duty was in Santa Cruz when I lived a
short walk from the county courthouse. I was actually looking forward
to going through the process, but it turned out the case we were picked
for, the defendant pleaded guilty and our services ended up not being
I could have easily gotten out of mine back a couple of years ago if I'd had the medical paperwork, but that's a lot more trouble than just going to court.
Loss of revenue (except when I worked for the county) was always a factor in the why I don't want to go. Sense of responsibility though is why I always went. The fact I was a fireman and worked closely with law enforcement was likely why I have never been picked.
Proving that you believe law enforcement and a private citizen can be an equally credible witness though and that you could deliver a fair unpartial judgement based on the facts is an other issue. Just like fireman, police have been known to stick together. CYA rule #1.
Fortunately it's against the law for an employer to penalize you for jury duty. When the cat or a baby get's a summons, I'm gonna think ACORN is behind it. I bet dead people who still get Social Security checks sent get summoned also....what a system!
Didn't get selected today but it's in supierior court. I have to be there at 9am sharp. There are 30 of us left to fill 8 slots counting alternates.
I went to JD a few years ago. It was my first time called and I got selected. I was only on for one day. It was crazy. I was in with at least one completely crazy guy who disrupted everything (so it was like free entertainment).
I never got selected by the second day but it was close. there were only a few of us left. I had a hard time staying awake even though it was interesting.