Obamacare - Just Another Ticket to ride?

Regardless of your age, human nature is that when you have to pay out of pocket for anything, you might just opt to do things different to avoid having to pay that cost. Health Insurance creates a mechanism that actually supports and promotes unhealthy lifestyles.

The fact is that if you have less to lose, you take bigger chances. Taking chances with your health is no different. And when you have a mechanism such as Health Insurance to fall back on, the odds you will ultimately take bigger risks increase exponentially.

This is only made worse by Government Sponsored Heath Care Insurance. Personally, I'd rather cram down a McD burger than get choked to death by Obamacare. What good is it to live longer, when all you have to look forward to is higher taxes, a lifestyle you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, a total loss of personal freedom. There is one rule that will always apply...there's no free lunch! 

4 responses
I can agree with some of your sentiments, however, I believe a balance of Obama' s policy and what we have now is the best medicine. Some reform is long over due.
any vote for goverment healthcare is just a vote for socailism,there is no other way to look at it...
Your comment is well taken but I still believe in somewhat of a compromise.
if they wait until the elections next year then maybe we could have a real compromise.