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They say availability in mid-2010. The question is: when will it really show up? And is it as good as they say it is?I really really hate CF bulbs. I will happy to replace them all with something better.
I'm with you on CFL's. Besides the crappy design, and unreliability, the fact they can't legally be made in the US erks the hell out of me. It's ok to have China make them and kill them selves with mercury poisoning but not our workers. Then they pass laws banning incandecent.
LED is evolving and I'm curious how well the TV's hold out. But I agree on the crappy color output compared to incandecent. If this technology is a s good as it looks....bye bye CFL!
Until I can see it in the stores, I won't believe it. :)They sell LED R30s at Costco. Keep meaning to pick one up to see how it performs, but they're $10 a pop. At least I only have to buy one, unlike most things at Costco.The CFLs are all over our kitchen now and I hate them, especially the warmup time.
That seems to be a pretty good price. I saw a lot of them far more expensive but I suspect they are much better quality. some of them are up around $100 bucks
Costco generally doesn't carry crap, well except for the CFL bulbs they carry. The ones I got from my local utility company as freebies were much better.
This is some promising tech. Thanks for sharing.