QotD: Survivor

If you were stranded on a desert island, what five people would you eat first?
Submitted by James Poling.

The first 5 dead ones I could find...fresh roadkill yummmy!

Seriously though I would find it very difficult to make that decision. I have nothing against canabalism per se. The cultures that believed in it needed to do that to survive. The 1993 movie "Alive" was based on a true story about the Uraguay rugby players who crashed in the Andes mountains and eventually resort to canabalism to survive.

In the movie, they had the advantage of snow for refrigeration which preserved the bodies long enough until they made that personal decision. Not sure how that would be done on a Deserted Island.

Let's see let's Plan this out...ok I'm surrounded by ocean...ocean is full of salt. So I need to figure out a way to evaporate out enough salt to preserve 5 bodies. I look around and don't see any coconut trees so can't use the shells.

In the ocean I see some abolone shells....maybe I'll use those. Darn things still have abalonies in them...with everyone I eat, I have one more evaporation pot to work with. Ok now that I totally hate abalone which is something I though never would happen It's time to see how my idea is working.

Several months have past and I have managed to collect about 10 pounds so far. The rains are coming soon so now I need to figure out how to keep the salt dry. I've got enough shells that I think I could pile the salt on some large leaves (if I can find them) and cover them over with the ab shells.

There is still some time left so I would search the island for alternatives because the ab shells would also be good to collect water with since fresh water is so scarce also. So I manage somehow to kill a few reptiles, birds and other animals to experiment with. This wasn't very productive. I'd end up eating what I caught and there wouldn't be much left that was usable for my project.

While I was searching around the island I found some lime deposits. This gave me an idea, I started gathering pebbles, shells and limestone and piled it next to a hole I was digging on the beach. I kind of got lost in the hole and when I climbed out I noticed it was kind of shaped like a large kidney.

When I was done with the hole, I started mixing up my ingredients and made a crude form of concrete to line my hole with. Eventually I would have a great place to store the fresh water.

By the second year I would have built a decent shelter near the concrete pond I built out of concrete blocks and stuff that washed up on the beach. By the time that was completed I also had managed somehow to get the concrete pond filled with water.

I was getting nowhere fast though on my salt collecting so had to go back to eating abalone again to be able step up production. At low tide, fish and crabs would get trapped in my AB holes so at least I had a variety of delicacies to offer my future guests.

Several years have passed and I now have about 500 pounds of salt squirreled away so I'm almost ready now. All I need is a sign. I figure sooner or later someone will fly over and see it....it would read as follows:

TechZilla's Seaside Resort  a great place to EAT Friends

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