QotD: Drivin' & Talkin'

Should driving while talking on a cell phone be outlawed? 
Submitted by Soup.  

Personally, I do this all the time. But I also am wearing a earpiece and have both hands on the wheel. My phone is set to auto-answer when the headset is plugged in. Since I basically drive for a living, I am more concious of safety than the average idiot I see holding the cell in one hand yacking. I think it would be better just to take the driving licence away from those people and leave the people who do it right alone. California will be requiring hands-free operation or get fined starting in July 2008. I'm ahead of them by at least 4 years.

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QotD: Environmentally Friendly

What are your favorite ways to reduce, reuse & recycle?

I used to own a recycling center several years ago before the state mandated curb-side recycling...Now we just put stuff in the bin and let the city worry about it. We used to process over 100 tons of cardboard, 80 tons of glass, 5 tons aluminum cans, 50 tons of newspaper, and assorted scrap metals every month for over 3 years. When the city got into the picture...the profitability in the business was gone. It wasn't that great anyway because of high costs.

I had a couple of garbage trucks, a flatbed, forklift, cardboard baler and a glass crusher. Everything always breaking down and costing money to fix.


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QotD: [this is home]

Where do you consider home?  Is it the place you grew up; the place you're currently living?  Why is it home?
Submitted by uncagedbird

Technically, my home is where I am now. Moved here from Santa Cruz in 1999 and have been back once since then. I really live in my jeep evidenced by the mess I never seem to ever get fully cleaned. When people ask where I'm from my first answer is "from my mommy". So for me this is a good question.

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