QotD: Past Five Working Years

How many jobs have you had in the past five years? Where and what did you do? 
Submitted by M.  

One job as an employee but also a private contractor for another firm. I drive all over northern California fixing computers and printers under warranty. I log about 1000 miles/week.

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3 responses
Too bad you don't get frequent driver miles. Hopefully you get reimbursed for all that mileage, or write it off.
I get reimbursed for everything I write down and turn in. The amount my employer reimburses me is below what the fed tax allowances are so the difference can be applied against unreimbursed employee expenses. I lose 2% of that.
The vehicle itself is depreciable also. So At the end of the year I basically get free gas and one heck of a write-off.
At least you get something out of it.