The Doctor is In!

I ran across this video on UTube but I noticed that they left out 3 of the doctors...there were 10 in all. So I added pictures and names of the actors and re-compiled it.

This is the first flash file I've encoded with any luck also

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What ever you did it turned out great. I haven't seen this show in a long long time. I can't even remember which channel ran it. This was fun little video. Thanks.
Thanks, not being able to tell what I did is a vote of confidence in my ability in editing video. I got introduced to DR. Who on PBS stations many years ago. I eventually became a fan. British sci-fi takes a little getting used to.
It played really smooth so you got it.
You did a good job on editing this one. As many times as I've seen Dr. Who, I never really got into it. But it's not like I can't get into British Sci Fi. One of my favorite shows is British Sci Fi: Red Dwarf.
...I have all 8 seasons of Red Dwarf on DVD. I hope to get some Blakes 7 also