QotD: Environmentally Friendly

What are your favorite ways to reduce, reuse & recycle?

I used to own a recycling center several years ago before the state mandated curb-side recycling...Now we just put stuff in the bin and let the city worry about it. We used to process over 100 tons of cardboard, 80 tons of glass, 5 tons aluminum cans, 50 tons of newspaper, and assorted scrap metals every month for over 3 years. When the city got into the picture...the profitability in the business was gone. It wasn't that great anyway because of high costs.

I had a couple of garbage trucks, a flatbed, forklift, cardboard baler and a glass crusher. Everything always breaking down and costing money to fix.


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very physical labor also. We are bound to be running out of places for all this garbage. I was freaked the first time someone told me plastic is forever.
Plastic is a definate concern. I figure the best I can do is to limit my use of it and re-use or recycle it. More and more plastics are recyclable than in the old days. Problem is creating a market for it. Contamination is a definate problem. The garbage companies just bury what they can't easily get rid of...no matter how hard we try at our end to do things right.