Progress around the Ponderosa


The Construction Foreman is on duty!

This is the only panel that is really done. We tacked up the others panels shown below temporarily just to see what it will look like AND  to keep Lexxy from running straight through the front into the street without thinking. Damn dog is worse than my kid.


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Alright, looking good. Lexxy looks a little confused I think. lol
Lexxy always looks confused. In the picture, her dad was standing where she wanted to be and can't understand why she can't be. She was being really good though. I didn't tie her up while I was working. She just followed me around and stayed by my side where ever I went.
Awwwww daddy now that is sweet. Your place is coming along nicely.
Looks great - I love doing home improvement. Looks straight too - good work.
Thanks. It has been difficult keeping things looking level. Everyone else just follows the slope of the land around here. Eventually, below what you see now will be a retaining wall affair so I can level off the area between the house and the fence and put in a deck or a patio for summer afternoons. The front is where the wind comes from on hot afternoons.
Which kid are you talking about here :)
The kid that eventually learned to look both ways when going into the street. I believe that should be at least one of two but likely two now.