Fence Progress


Custom Fence Post


Yesterday's Fence Post with Panel Stubbed In.


View From The Alley


Today's Post Hole


Mystery Spot - This is actually straight and level in all directions. I think it looks off partly from the angle of the shot but also the fact that the panel is attached to the narrow 45 degree corner I removed from the post. Plus I wasn't at a true 90 degree angle to the panel when I took the shot...interesting effect cnot planned.


Alley Shot - Finished

Progress around the Ponderosa


The Construction Foreman is on duty!

This is the only panel that is really done. We tacked up the others panels shown below temporarily just to see what it will look like AND  to keep Lexxy from running straight through the front into the street without thinking. Damn dog is worse than my kid.


Ubuntu Linux Server

Spent all morning building a new server. What a pain. All I want to do is use it for a file server. The GUI that normally loads with the workstation builds is not present in the server build. So I had to figure out how to do that among several other things. Next I need to figure out how to get a shared folder both visible and accessible on my XP machine and on the Ubuntu Server. Linux is not my fortay. I do have some UNIX experience with a shell account but it was too many years ago to count.

More to learn about Samba!

Samba was the only Server software I actually installed. I didn't think I would ever use any of the LAMP stuff but I can always install it later if I change my plans.

I still had a few minutes leftover to cut off the plastic fence panels in one direction. They are all the same height as I need for the fence now. Each one has to have both ends cut off so they fit in between my fence posts evenly. unfortunately the posts aren't totally evenly spaced...just close visually.