Fence Progress


Custom Fence Post


Yesterday's Fence Post with Panel Stubbed In.


View From The Alley


Today's Post Hole


Mystery Spot - This is actually straight and level in all directions. I think it looks off partly from the angle of the shot but also the fact that the panel is attached to the narrow 45 degree corner I removed from the post. Plus I wasn't at a true 90 degree angle to the panel when I took the shot...interesting effect cnot planned.


Alley Shot - Finished

7 responses
alright coming along nicely. hard work.
Looks good - progress is always a positive. It's the coldest day of the year here today. Well, the year so far.
Thanks, I'm not a spry as I once was so everything takes much longer. Digging post holes is not my favorite. The red dirt is clay. It holds water like a sponge but hard as nails in the summer. This makes gardening almost imposible. But that will change over time thanks to the rototiller
Thanks, I agree totally. It's really not about how long it takes. In fact if the house didn't need work I'd be at a loss for projects other than on the computer. Not having a lot of money to do it all at once helps stretch it out. Give me plenty of time to plan my attack.
I'm thinking about putting bushes now on the alley side of the new section and maybe some house numbers...and of course the obligatory I got a shotgun and the dog is the least of your worries warning. LOL
This really the time of year for projects here...it gets hot enough to fry a pickle on a rock later in the year. Not good for doing what I'm doing since we have limited shade.
Red clay. the last time I saw that stuff was down south somewhere. messy on your shoes and clothes.Raised garden beds are a great way to go.
Not to mention what it des to a carpet. It doesn't come of the shoes all that well even if you wipe. Stains the cuticles when you get down with it.
I have a huge raised flower bed I haven't planted anything in yet. I'm planning on a drip system for it. And I have to put the fence in behind it also We have a few wine barrels that do ok for now.
yeah that sounds good. It is 26 here right now. But they are saying 40 tomorrow I hope so.