Gazebo Update

Started the Gazebo project today. I set the posts in concrete and should be able to raise the roof next week. Glad I had one less hour of daylight to do this. I'll probably use ratcheting tie downs to jack it up with. The concrete should be setup enough to get it in the air by then.


Was a nice day to dig 6 holes and mix concrete. While it won't be complete. I expect to be able to sit under it next week. After that, I'm going to setup some forms around and inside the poles to form a concrete ring. I haven't decided on the actual floor yet. I'm leaning on brick, or some preformed ornamental concreet like cobblestones or flag stone or something. However It turns out it needs to be bare-foot freindly.

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Oh I am so excited. I love these things. I vote cobblestones. Of course I don't have a right to vote, but can't kill me for trying. Cobblestones feel really neat with bare feet.thanks for you kind posts and understanding nature. Does Help. A lot.
Since I'm planning on adding some green lattice to the walls, I thought I would add some red coloring to the concrete ring and use a whiteish floor. The other option is a white ring (or sandstone) and a reddish floor. Since, the floor actually needs to be flat mostly because of the hot tub or tables or chairs, I'm not sure about the cobblestones and will make sure to look close at some.. But slate is a definite option. Prior to pouring the ring though I need to make a final decision what it is really going to be since I need to add the right color for the effect.
got it. Still in the what is it going to be phase. I see.
I have been planning this project in my head for 2 years easily...nothing was set in stone....or concrete. I like to create as I go.
I'm also taking pics as I go to create some sort of instruction manual I can sell on ebay. If it comes out as nice as I suspect, it would be a very inexpensive easy to build project for someone. The roof is an old c-band satellite dish. the legs are just 8-foot steel fence posts. So far I have around 50 bucks into it.
Looking like a structure of some sort. Hopefully the earth won't shake too much between now and the next time you get it up. ;)
I though "getting it up" was supposed to make the earth shake. Have I ben doing it wrong?
Even better. The cost for one of the wooden ones premade of course. It is over $1,000. I know you are having fun with it. that counts for a great deal.