Decorations for the Gazebo

I was thinking about a weathervane...what I found previously was around $130 bucks. I just happened on this metal one for $30.00 after shipping charges!

Installing it may be yet another issue. But the cool thing is that we have a herd of Humming birds here daily so it all kind of fits in. This would also make the gazebo a possible location for the feeders. Waiting for this to arrive shouldn't delay my plans too much. I've got it figured out how to raise the roof now safely. I still need to paint it yet so there is some time left. I need to buy some automotive paint and paint the topside so I can spray it with my compressor and gun before it goes up. The underside can be done later.The color will be a dark green.

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$30 - that's a steal! I can't wait to see the finished product. We invested in a sturdy iron screen tent last year and it's wonderful during the summer. I think we eat outside just about every single night.
I can't wait either! I figure even a cheap weathervane will look good since you would have to climb up to get a closer look. Installing should be easy also. Since the roof is metal, I'll just drill a hole in the center. Then thread the end of the weathervane shaft and throw a couple nuts and flat washers at it. That way I don't have to adapt any type of mounting bracket (or buy one).
It get's so hot here in the summer, I would have to install a mist system to sit in it and eat. We usually park under the swamp cooler. but occationally BBQ to keep the heat down in the house