Not Too Old to Get it Up!


Took the day off today so I get rambunctious. Took a couple hours to slowly raise the roof on the gazebo project. I used 6 tie-down straps I wire tied to a steel ring. Didn't use the winching capability of the tiedowns. Just slowly pulled more slack through and then a couple clicks to secure it.


I also went to the hardware store down the street and bought my screws and bolts to fasten the roof to the poles. I basically have to make several of the pieces into the shape I need to make it strong and look good when it's done. that shouldn't take over about another hour I suppose. I changed my mind about painting yet. I need to paint the underside also and the total job shouldn't take any more than will fit in the spray gun.

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Huh huh, he said "get it up."And yes, this definitely needs some paint.
As i'm writing this, I have 4 of the 6 legs anchored and the straps removed. I still have some more designing to do. I'm not afraid of it falling or anything because it is actually pretty strong. But it can be made to wobble a bit. What it needs is some diagonal braces where the post meets the roof. Since I don't really have a "plan" beyond this point other than the floor...I'm gonna hold off on that part.
So what, You don't like battleship grey? I can't belief this thing isn't all rusted out. It sat in the yard for 2 years and was in use actually for several years.
I would think your chief cook and bottle washer might not appreciate battleship grey. I am shocked it's not rusted, either. Must be sealed against that really well. ;)
She knows it's a work in progress like the rest of the yard. If it was Battleaxe grey then that would be another story.
I think the paint must be some sort of epoxy-based primer. My birdbath is the same color and it hasn't rusted yet either. This is even more suprizing since it's filled with water.