Gazebo Update

Mostly thought about what I am going to do next with the project. One thing missing was a cap for the very center at the top. A lot of gazebos you see have another smaller roof kind of thingy (not sure what it's called) at the peak of the roof. After a trip to the hardware store I came up with something finally.


It's kind of hard to see but there is a galvnized garbage can lid with the handle removed at the peak of the roof. I'm not sure if I am going to raise it up on legs or not as of yet, but it's highly likely. After I figure out how to mount it, I can install the weathervane.


I also modified a couple of pole caps, This one is the solar panel for the spotlight below.


I've aimed the light into the tree. Thjought I would check it out tonight after dark. Since it's actually a spotlight, it may provide just enough light so I can see when I drive in after dark without shining in somebodys' window.


The rim of the roof is actually hollow so eventually I will pull the wire through and hide most of it. I think the unit has around 20 feet of wire

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So when it rains, does water leak through? Sure looks like it would.I don't know that raising the "top" roof would make it look better, to be honest.
I'm gonna assume it leaks since it's got a screen mesh, but after a rain, the drips seemed to stay put standing under it for a few minutes.
I thought as far as the top center, I would put something under it and take a few pics at different heights and see what it looks like before committing the design. It kind of has the UFO look as it is.
Good idea to test and see what works best. I'm having a hard time visualizing it looking any better with the upper roof "too" high.
dont know I really understand what yu are trying to achieve with this gazebo
If you look closely, the top of the gazebo is an old C-Band Satellite dish. So part of this project satisfies the "recycler" in me, part satisfies the "designer" in me and the rest satisfies the "builder" in me etc. The basic structure can be built for less than $100.00. Eventually though, I will have something unique and beautiful that cant be bought anywhere. The design is a work in progress.
I tend to agree with you. I'm thinking no more than a few inches sitting on some legs. I can simulate it by placing a short piece of 4x4 under it and see how the flag flys.