Gazebo Down For Repairs

In my earlier gazebo pics, you can see a rip in the screen if you look close. Today I lowered the roof back down to fix it and get ready to mount the weathervane...or at least get it ready to mount. Prior to actually mounting the weathervane permanently I need to paint the topside.

In my repair, I flattened the screen where it was buckled. I have a nice heavy irion thing I have been toting around for years..kind of a mini-anvil. My assistant held it on the underside and I gently pounded it from the top. Actually it laid down rather flat and the rip was bearly noticable.

I decided to take it one step further and solder it. Since the screen is acually a welded wire and not solderable, I took some bread ties and stripped the paper off. That gave me some very light wires to work with. At points along the rip, I workded the wire through the holes and twisted it. Then soldered the joint of the breadtie wire.

In the picture below you can make out the solder joints...the picture below that is from the underside. You can't see anything. Anyway a 1/2 Inch thick coat of paint will fix anything right? LOL



The glare of the sky and the trees distract the eye from the repair. You have to actually look real close to see it!

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You are quite the Rube Goldberg. lol.......I love looking through it. Sounds like a great deal of heavy work. One step at a time. Yeah a coat of paint will fix anything.
If you think this was a Rube Goldberg job..check out my next post. See what I did with a garbage can lid.
I will be watching out for it.