Gazebo Hot Tub!

I took a few minutes and did some searching on the Internet this morning. Learned a little about building a cheap hot tub. It seems my origional idea was basically sound. A lot of people have already done exactly what I had planned with variations of course.

Anyway my basic idea was doable!

It's really strange to come up with ideas on how to do something and find that someone else has been there done that. Even more so when the idea is sound.  My idea incorporates both wood heating and solar heating which would be a little more efficient. Neither system needs electricity. A lot of people have used a Rubbermaid horse trough in thier design. I'm, planning on a galvanized trough with a thin coat of truck bed liner sprayed into it which should be a little more ridged and afford freestanding on feet.

I'm stoked!

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Sounds fun! Yeah - apparently other people do think of the same things. Only once in a while do I find something that absolutely no one has done yet.
Before the Internet...every idea was unique unless you saw it on tv or in a magazine. I was my kindergarten teachers favorite because I had ideas about everything. I've never gotten discouraged and I'm almost 57. Sooner or later it's jackpot time. I do have a fishing accessory that I invented under test (when I can get back to fishing). I know nobody has an idea like this one! So I should be able to patent it.
Hopefully it isn't a bobber/float with a spring in it to make it set the hook - I've already got one of those. :-)
Close but no cigar. It's basically a sliding sinker adapter that floats the line over the grass. It take the human to set the hook..the fish to bite.
That sounds cool. I haven't fresh water fished in a long time. We do get out to the piers during the late spring/summer though. We missed most of it last year with the kitchen remodel - so I'm looking forward to a more relaxing summer this year.
When I lived in Santa Cruz, I used to outfish all the tourists. My secret was light gear and fishing close to the pilings. Bloodworms do well but are a little pricy. The perch love them though. My favorite pier fishing pole was about 2 feet long and had one of those reels with the push button release. You could get your line in places people only dream of.