Gazebo Update - Phase 1 almost complete

All that's left is to trim the tops of the poles and install the caps. I need to pickup 2 more solar lights for the top and install the yard light. I modified the weathervane a bit by making the shaft shorter. It was really meant to poke in the dirt anyway. The shaft from it pokes all the way through the gazebo to the underside. I figure I can McGyver some sort of loop or something to hang something on like an electric light even..who knows on that.


I took a break from painting the underside of the gazebo to take the shot since the light was good. Notice that it is no longer puke gray. I used Rustoleum Dark Bronze.


On of my poles was a "tad" off so I used my straps to pull it over before I bolted it in. Even though I thought it was ok before, the more I looked at it, the more it bothered me. So it was the last one to get fastenened. Little here, little there.

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Coming along just great. Good ole Rustoleum. The updates are great fun and will fill a fun photo album.
It's looking great! I was on the eastern shore the other day (trip up 13 to NJ) and they have a TON of these dishes all over the place. I wonder if that would make a good business - collecting old dishes and putting together kits for different projects.
I'm not sure how lucrative it would be but I'm sure you could sell a few of them I bet. I have got the "when are you gonna be available to build me one" questions. Mine is actually aluminum. So if you clean and cut them up you could recycle the scrap aluminufm or some fair change. Clean meaning anything that isnt aluminum needs to be removed and the frame cut in to lengths.