What's up?

Well, I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. I've been working hard getting my products together to sell on EBAY and figure out how to make money at it.

My gazebo pictorial is almost complete. I just need to do the finishing touches on the gazebo and take a few pictures of it. I;ve been buying some hanging plants and some other stuff I can adorn it with. I decided to start selling the Pictorial before the floor goes down....then create a second guide I can sell later.

My DVD's are coming to light also. I've ordered some high quality discs to begin production. I've been thinking about getting a nice DVD printer but my simpler laber printer is more cost effective to get started with. If I start making the bucks then I'll go the extra mile.

Here's my DVD list Sofar

Embryo- Rock Hudson Sci-Fi (1976) completed

Ultimate Betty Vol 1 - Betty Boop Cartoons Completed

Ultimate Betty Vol 2. -More Betty Boop - close to completion.

Ultimate Betty Vol3 - More Betty - currently in design

Bosco (1930-32) cartoons....currently in design.

Initially I'll have to auction these item to get my ratings going. Then after 30 positive auctions I can start doing buy it now. That will allow me to set my price.

I was up the entire night last night processing video files for Bosco. The origionals were terrible. I have them looking really good considering what I started with. Here's a sample