DVD Project Finally Done!

What a job!

President Bush visited here in the middle of July to tour the fires. For a community under 100,000 people that's a pretty big deal. Anyway, I thought I would document the event and straighten out some facts about previous visits by prior sitting presidents to the area.

One of my clients is a professional movie critic. He writes for several German magazines. I'm  gonna get him to write a review for me. Not much bad he can say about it because basically it's a compilation of news broadcasts, pictures, and video I snagged off the Internet. Also not a collection anyone would have.

In making of the video, I attempted to tell a story like a broadcaster might. I added music I purchaced and licenced also. If I had a decent speaking voice, I might have tried narrating it, but I had enough on my hands with the editing alone.

After securing the copyright, I plan on selling it on Amazon, so the review will help I assume. After 5 months of work, I'm hoping to make a little on it.

One of my clients works for the local PBS station. I promised him a copy and a second copy to give to the program director. They are responsible for the content in Redding and Chico PBS stations. I also plan on giving copies to the local historical societies. Rights will be granted to reproduce the video and use in fund-raising events.

I figure even if I can't sell it, I can donate it and take a decent write-off.

Video Test - YouTube Specs

Ok here are two versions of the same video. The lo res is comparible to most YouTube videos. The High Rez is similiar to what YouTube calls High Quality. The low quality typically will stream better over slower connections.

The origional video was an flv download I converted to an AVI and then re-encoded them using Super©. The settings in Super© I used were as close as possible as I could get to the settings of FLV files I downloaded prior from YouTube.

Techzilla Theatre - Harry S. Truman 1948 'Whistle Stop" Campaign Tour

I just completed this segment for my DVD I'm making. The Missouri Waltz playing in the background came from a 1916 recording loaded with typical old recording noise I was able to clean up. Also I added croud noise and created the train sounds. the video came from short clips from a PBS broadcast.

This little piece took the better part of the day to assemble. The tricky part was removing the origional audio except for when President Truman was speaking.  Truman actually hated the Missouri Waltz but the bands played it wherever he went.