Gazebo Update



Took a little time today and weed whacked the work area and made the gazebo into usable space. We have several plants in pots ready to plant when I am. I need to get a picture in the morning light I think so the weathervane shows off a bit better. But the poles are all cut off and caps are on.

This completes phase one. Now I can finish my pictorial for selling on EBAY.

I've also been toying with an idea to add sun screens that should look really cool. I might just do a quick mock-up for a photo. Wally World has the screening I need.

To describe it, basically they would be cafe-type curtains that have ties to tie then to the post to create an archway effect with the plants hanging in the arch. They will also be able to be untied and then tied together to to close the archway between the poles.

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Looking good. What a guy.
Now that looks really cool! Great work!
Looks fantastic! It really came together well. Good job!
I think the pictorial on making this this was harder than making it!
Thanks Dewitte. Since your a handy guy, you want a copy of my pictorial? I can email you a copy if you want.
I might even complete it someday. At least it's at a good stopping point. I hate unfinished projects...and I have plenty around here. Weeds are 2 feet tall.
I've got a new tree to plant near the gazebo for shade some day. Everything takes time and more energy than I have.
looks great. I still only have one hummingbird. Buy cardinals, blue jays, doves, robins, doves. Butterflys. it is cold today. I planted a little pot of petunias for the porch. Time will tell.
humming birds are tough to get going. it could take a few years even. keep giving them fresh food at least once a week. They will come if you have one.
Oh yeah. There are all kinds of birds around here. We even get the vultures in November. lol
Nice looking Gazebo. I can barely keep my yard up, let along build crap. ;)
We have buzzards and crows year round here. lots of road kill to feed on I suppose, Plus lots of nice hawks.
Thanks. LOL the fence is hiding 2 feet high weeds!
Fun to watch them soar. We get eagles too.
I don't have any weeds THAT tall, but I have plenty of weeds in my lawn and flowerbeds.