I'm Pooped!-Gazebo Update

Spent all day yesterday finishing up the pictorial to sell on EBAY. Then half the night figureing out how to giet it listed properly. EBAY has changed thier rules and no longer allow electronic delivery.

It took me awhile but I believe I have figured out a work around. I think they figured you should be selling a tangible product. Something that can be tracked, not loaded with spyware and stuff. I'm assuming they may have had just one too many complaints about people buying things and not being able to recieve them.

Right in the middle of creating my first listing, I looked at the filesize of my pdf file. Way too big for email as it was around 10mb. I figured it was the pictures that where making it so big. What I did was take all the pictures and run them through an optimizer to compress them down about 50%. They still look pretty good and cut the file size down considerably. I think it's now down around 6.5MB or so.

No takers yet but I'm not suprised. learning how to list things and get results is an art. Unfortunately the learning curve can be costly. One of my keys to success will be little upfront cost. That way there is a little more room to pay EBAY's and PayPal's cut and still make some fair coin. And there is tons of room to workwith on the pictorial. Didn't cost anything but time to produce.

The good news is that because of my track record as a buyer...it gave me a jump start as a seller. I have the ability to use Buy-it-Now which is not available without a track record. Initially I though I was going to have to make 30+ sales to get to that status. 100% perfect feedback helps.


On the far right you will see my new tree I picked up at Wally World.  Its a cherry plum tree that's supposed to get to around 20 feet tall by 15 feet wide. Should provide plenty of shade someday for the gazebo if I get around to planting it.