Look What Followed Me Home!


He's gotta stay outside though. Don't know how the other cat would take to it. Lexxy gave it a sniff and a strange look.


I couldn't decide on rock or bark so I ended up doing both. The rock near the lattice is my "right-on" rock. It closely resembles a thumb if you look at it.  The vine next to it has been struggling in a pot for 2 years and finally started taking off this year. I think its a trumpet vine that's supposed to get flowers that I have yet to see.

In the bark area I have some plush psandra starts that grow to about 12x12x12. There are 5 of them in there. They are already twice as big as when I got them a few months ago online.

So except from throwing in a little color in front of the vine, and maybe a couple of solar lights, that project is basically done......finally!