Video Test - YouTube Specs

Ok here are two versions of the same video. The lo res is comparible to most YouTube videos. The High Rez is similiar to what YouTube calls High Quality. The low quality typically will stream better over slower connections.

The origional video was an flv download I converted to an AVI and then re-encoded them using Super©. The settings in Super© I used were as close as possible as I could get to the settings of FLV files I downloaded prior from YouTube.

2 responses
Yeah Smokie. They need him in California again. Yes I can tell the difference the High rez is much nicer.
I'm going to be doing an extra for my DVD called "After The Smoke Settles" showing some of the fire areas after the fires are out. I've also have a few more of these smokey clips and the smokey song to play with.
A video group I belong to is currently discussing making video for YouTube is what prompted this post. My theory appears to be correct. I don't post on YouTube yet. Most of the stuff you see there suxs.