DVD Project Finally Done!

What a job!

President Bush visited here in the middle of July to tour the fires. For a community under 100,000 people that's a pretty big deal. Anyway, I thought I would document the event and straighten out some facts about previous visits by prior sitting presidents to the area.

One of my clients is a professional movie critic. He writes for several German magazines. I'm  gonna get him to write a review for me. Not much bad he can say about it because basically it's a compilation of news broadcasts, pictures, and video I snagged off the Internet. Also not a collection anyone would have.

In making of the video, I attempted to tell a story like a broadcaster might. I added music I purchaced and licenced also. If I had a decent speaking voice, I might have tried narrating it, but I had enough on my hands with the editing alone.

After securing the copyright, I plan on selling it on Amazon, so the review will help I assume. After 5 months of work, I'm hoping to make a little on it.

One of my clients works for the local PBS station. I promised him a copy and a second copy to give to the program director. They are responsible for the content in Redding and Chico PBS stations. I also plan on giving copies to the local historical societies. Rights will be granted to reproduce the video and use in fund-raising events.

I figure even if I can't sell it, I can donate it and take a decent write-off.