Decorations for the Gazebo

I was thinking about a weathervane...what I found previously was around $130 bucks. I just happened on this metal one for $30.00 after shipping charges!

Installing it may be yet another issue. But the cool thing is that we have a herd of Humming birds here daily so it all kind of fits in. This would also make the gazebo a possible location for the feeders. Waiting for this to arrive shouldn't delay my plans too much. I've got it figured out how to raise the roof now safely. I still need to paint it yet so there is some time left. I need to buy some automotive paint and paint the topside so I can spray it with my compressor and gun before it goes up. The underside can be done later.The color will be a dark green.

Gazebo Update

Started the Gazebo project today. I set the posts in concrete and should be able to raise the roof next week. Glad I had one less hour of daylight to do this. I'll probably use ratcheting tie downs to jack it up with. The concrete should be setup enough to get it in the air by then.


Was a nice day to dig 6 holes and mix concrete. While it won't be complete. I expect to be able to sit under it next week. After that, I'm going to setup some forms around and inside the poles to form a concrete ring. I haven't decided on the actual floor yet. I'm leaning on brick, or some preformed ornamental concreet like cobblestones or flag stone or something. However It turns out it needs to be bare-foot freindly.