Lexxy Says: Is nothing sacred?

Simon in Lexxy's Bed 2-18-09 Bedwars

Lexxy was fairly tolerant of the fact that Simon (who can sleep anywhere) was taking over her bed. She parked by the fire but you could tell she was confused that the cat was in her bed. I almost bought the cat a little bed the other day at TSC when I was buying dog treats prior to this. Tractor Supply Company is a great place to buy things in bulk like pet food. they beat the grocery store prices and have larger quantity bags. If you have one near you check it out. they have all kinds of things you wouldn't expect with thier name.

These two get along so well, we were half expecting Simon to actually climb in next to Lexxy but we were lucky just to get this shot. He was off to another adventure a few minutes later. This morning he was back showing interest again, so I imagine it will be some sort of bed war going on for a while.

News on The Jobfront

Looks like my plan to keep working as a Temp and draw unemployment is working out. The company that recently took over my old employer has requested the temp agency to get job candidates to fax in signed forms for background checks and drug testing.

I faxed in my forms yesterday.

I also found out that the manager had recieved an email infoming him drug testing wasn't required for me. Not that worried me but it was nice to hear I was still considered a member in good standing. The next phase I suspect is to submit driver's licence and social security proof and a picture for the Id card I am supposed to wear while working. They already have a copy of my resume but likely I need to fill out a job application yet also to complete the package.

Hopefully, I will recieve a decent job offer and get my income levels back up where they belong. Chances are it will be decent since I have some certifications no one in this area has for the accounts the new company is inheriting. Having high recomendations from the old company and a good track record for perfomance and reliability is a definate asset in my favor.

No telling how fast all this will take though. My hope is prior to unemployment running out.

Morning Coffee Disaster Averted!


We have a nice Bunn 10-cup we have had for several years. No lights no joy! Ok well it was a simple fix...the vacation switch was off. It has a tank that pre-heats the water and the vacation switch is a master switch. The warming plate has a separate switch. I was getting ready to stimulate the economy. Fortunately I found the problem as my first cup of coffee really sucked and a new one at Wally World was $100 bucks I didn't really want to spend.

It takes about 15 minutes to preheat the water then you poar in more cold water and you have a hot pot in 3 minutes. Then after that since the tank is already hot, your only 3 minutes away from hot coffee.

The wonderful thing is it makes great coffee...either He-Brew or She-Brew. And we were just about to revert to instant...YUCK!

Trust Issues

Simon is still having trust issues but are slowly going away. He is spending more and more time with us still at a distance usually. He's not afraid really just skiddish to quick movement. He even gets within a foot of Lexxy. Last night was a milestone though. I was laying on the couch and got a nice suprise. He still doesn't allow petting yet though even though I was able to rub his head for a second without his objection.

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Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack

From: US-CERT Security Tips [security-tips@us-cert.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 7:42 AM
To: security-tips@us-cert.gov
Subject: US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST06-007 -- Defending Cell Phones
and PDAs Against Attack

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                        Cyber Security Tip ST06-007
               Defending Cell Phones and PDAs Against Attack

   As cell phones and PDAs become more technologically advanced, attackers are
   finding new ways to target victims. By using text messaging or email, an
   attacker could lure you to a malicious site or convince you to install
   malicious code on your portable device.

What unique risks do cell phones and PDAs present?

   Most current cell phones have the ability to send and receive text messages.
   Some cell phones and PDAs also offer the ability to connect to the internet.
   Although these are features that you might find useful and convenient,
   attackers may try to take advantage of them. As a result, an attacker may be
   able to accomplish the following:
     * abuse your service - Most cell phone plans limit the number of text
       messages you can send and receive. If an attacker spams you with text
       messages, you may be charged additional fees. An attacker may also be
       able to infect your phone or PDA with malicious code that will allow
       them to use your service. Because the contract is in your name, you will
       be responsible for the charges.
     * lure you to a malicious web site - While PDAs and cell phones that give
       you access to email are targets for standard phishing attacks, attackers
       are now sending text messages to cell phones. These messages, supposedly
       from a legitimate company, may try to convince you to visit a malicious
       site by claiming that there is a problem with your account or stating
       that you have been subscribed to a service. Once you visit the site, you
       may  be lured into providing personal information or downloading a
       malicious file (see Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks for
       more information).
     * use your cell phone or PDA in an attack - Attackers who can gain control
       of your service may use your cell phone or PDA to attack others. Not
       only does this hide the real attacker's identity, it allows the attacker
       to increase the number of targets (see Understanding Denial-of-Service
       Attacks for more information).
     * gain access to account information - In some areas, cell phones are
       becoming capable of performing certain transactions (from paying for
       parking or groceries to conducting larger financial transactions). An
       attacker who can gain access to a phone that is used for these types of
       transactions may be able to discover your account information and use or
       sell it.

What can you do to protect yourself?

     * Follow  general  guidelines for protecting portable devices - Take
       precautions to secure your cell phone and PDA the same way you should
       secure your computer (see Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices and
       Protecting Portable Devices: Data Security for more information).
     * Be careful about posting your cell phone number and email address -
       Attackers often use software that browses web sites for email addresses.
       These addresses then become targets for attacks and spam (see Reducing
       Spam  for  more  information). Cell phone numbers can be collected
       automatically, too. By limiting the number of people who have access to
       your information, you limit your risk of becoming a victim.
     * Do not follow links sent in email or text messages - Be suspicious of
       URLs sent in unsolicited email or text messages. While the links may
       appear to be legitimate, they may actually direct you to a malicious web
     * Be wary of downloadable software - There are many sites that offer games
       and other software you can download onto your cell phone or PDA. This
       software could include malicious code. Avoid downloading files from
       sites  that  you do not trust. If you are getting the files from a
       supposedly  secure  site,  look  for  a  web site certificate (see
       Understanding Web Site Certificates for more information). If you do
       download a file from a web site, consider saving it to your computer and
       manually scanning it for viruses before opening it.
     * Evaluate your security settings - Make sure that you take advantage of
       the  security  features offered on your device. Attackers may take
       advantage of Bluetooth connections to access or download information on
       your  device. Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it to avoid
       unauthorized access (see Understanding Bluetooth Technology for more

     Author: Mindi McDowell

     Produced 2006 by US-CERT, a government organization.

     Note: This tip was previously published and is being re-distributed
     to increase awareness.
     Terms of use
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     mailing list, visit <http://www.us-cert.gov/cas/signup.html>.

Random Act of Kindness

One of my clients operates a rescue ranch for horses and cashflow wise is kinda poor considering all the mouths that she feeds. The ranch is out in BFE, severelly run down, and they run a diesel generator and you have to walk up the hill to get a cell signal. No phone in the house. She does have a slow satellite internet connection and a big heart though.

Anyway, we just re-installed Windows and her trial security software is set to run out.

The other day when I was there to install a couple of optical drives under warranty (that is ending as we speak) I mentioned that in one of my newsletters that the first to correctly answer a question about a photo with President Bush in it would win $30.00 worth of software. I told her that If I won I would donate it. Needless to say, I was first and won.

The software is Vipre which I have a picture of on my blog on the right.


The Vipre engine uses less resources than other packages and uses a single engine to scan for viruses and spyware.